Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Sedentary job – lengthy working hours – irregular eating habits- unable to sleep -– does this sound familiar?? If the answer is Yes – you are Stressed!

Effects of Stress include – lack of creativity and motivation-
- problems in office or personal relationships – increased absenteeism

Yoga can make a difference!
Yoga provides an effective antidote to stress.

Benefits of Yoga include – improved morale in the workplace -- increased concentration – decreased muscle tension, pain –-enhanced clarity and decision-making – increased ability to sleep soundly!

Please call me to arrange a yoga class for your employees or co-workers!
I am highly qualified and fully insured. I offer all levels from Beginner to Advanced, Chair Yoga to Power Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Techniques.

I will come to your workplace at lunchtime or at day's end, weekly, bi-weekly, or one time only - your choice.  Let's design a plan that meets your needs -- call Kellie @ (905) 431-1850